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Some Countries Investing In Africa

Aside from China, there are also other countries making investments in Africa. The “Sleeping Giant” is being noted in so many business magazines, by many business experts because of what it gained from the black continent. China is the newest talk of the town, not only that it gets juice from the world’s second largest continent, also, it brings aid to the region’s dying situation. But it is not just China that is helping Africa. Investing in the continent is infamous in the whole globe. From every continent, numerous countries have sighted the potential of Africa, pulling them to invest on different sectors like agriculture, infrastructure (which was dominated by China), telecommunications, education, mining and oil industry etc..

India and UAE are currently on partnership with some African countries, working on the development of the telecommunications industry. India’s Essar Group has some eye on the African telecom business. The India based has had talks with UAE’s Dhabi Group, an investment firm led by an Abu Dhabi Royal family. The two sides signed a preliminary agreement in Abu Dhabi on Sunday. Standard Chartered Bank is acting as financial advisor to the Dhabi Group. Their prospect country is Uganda and the rest of West Africa. Since Africa is considered as one of the least penetrated by telecom markets, a lot of investments are coming because there is a potential growth.

Japan is also doing business with Africa. Just last year, the Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD) was held in Yokohama, Japan. The conference tackled the issues of ending poverty in Africa. The outcome of the conference will be fed into the later summit’s deliberations – which highlight “development and Africa” as one of the principal themes.

Russia is also reviving its affair with the region. Moscow can no longer miss its love affair with several African countries, way back in 1960’s. And so, they start investing again on minerals of the region. According to rough estimates, the investments of four companies alone – Rusal, Nornikel, Alrosa and Renova – in Sub-Saharan Africa constitute about $5bn. Others are also active, including metal group Evraz, oil giant Lukoil and a number of banks. he Russian firms that are particularly active in Africa are those involved in exploration and production of mineral resources – known as “upstream” companies. However, they face tough and constantly-growing competition.

Germany is another European investment in Africa. German companies is actually one of those big providers of jobs for people. Their investment concentrates more on the oil and agriculture industry.

Jordan, Yemen and Lebanon are other three countries that have investments in Africa. They have been working on the development on the water resource of the region, with investments almost counting to $1.5 billion just within three years.

Canada has also closed US$212 million investment fund for Africa. The Fund focuses on making mid-market private equity investments across Africa in transactions ranging from buyouts to expansion and high growth capital opportunities across a range of sectors.

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