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Africa On A Fragile Development

One of the regions that many strategic business consulting firms and business service providers are closely keeping an eye on nowadays is Africa. The continent is now currently undergoing a rapid change, both in its economy and its society, And experts are predicting that these changes will inevitably lead to Africa becoming an important hub in business.

One of the most significant changes that the continent have seen in recent years is the gaining of independence of many countries in the region. As you might have already known, much of the African continent was under the rule of the major western powers. With the turn of the twentieth century and the onset of the two world wars, many of the previous colonies were able to gain independence from their previous colonial masters. With the further developments that happened in world politics in the latter half of the century, more areas in Africa joined the ranks as independent nations.

With this newfound independence, these countries were now able to finally control the course of their economies. Previously, the colonial masters were the ones who decide on how to run the colonies’ finances. And most often, what happens back then was the parent country getting all the profits from the colonies while leaving them in a sorry state. When the colonies were freed, they were now able to decide the route that they would take for their economies.

Thus, a lot of efforts were made in these countries to improve their situations. Many also have to deal with the problems that were left behind by the former colonizers. Many of the new countries faced a lot of challenges in their development. However, the nations that once colonized them were generous enough to lend a hand and help rebuilding these countries through financial assistance.

These efforts resulted in the development of many of these countries as the new economic centers in the region. Their growth have also attracted the interest of many businesses from around the world to invest in them, thus furthering their growth. Now a lot of companies are seeking to expand their coverage into Africa.

However, despite these seemingly optimistic changes happening in the region, Africa is still far from being the economic powerhouse that many are hoping it to be. The truth is, there are actually a lot more issues that need to be resolved here. And in order to do these, a lot of effort must still be put in.

One of the major issues that is of particular concern to many African governments and foreign businesses is the peace and order situation. Many African countries, such as the Congo, are still at war with their neighbors, creating a fragile situation for businesses. Furthermore, internal conflicts between the various factions in many countries are greatly aggravating the situation.

This has led to many of the nations here having a fragile economic system. However, both the national governments and various international organizations are trying to solve the problem by mediating in the conflicts. It is hope by many that once these conflicts are resolved, the continent can co0ntinue with its development.