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Africa: The Arena for Development of Business, To Transform Life

Africa’s growth is very exceptional. This is because despite the global financial crisis, it is the region who stood out and showed magnificent development. Since then, Africa became the center of attraction amongst developed countries. They see more development in investing in Africa more than before. But still, there is a high percentage of Africans living with just more than $1 a day. A hole that investors are trying to fill in, and will be the beneficiary of the next growth that will happen to the continent.

Nations are on a battle, but not against each other. They are wrestling against poverty, with business as the solution, and Africa as the Arena. A fight for a cause. A call answered by the whole world.

First world countries are on a quest, not to colonize the region again, but to find room for development of their own and of course, life in Africa.

The situation of the Africans is a major concern. Extreme poverty, corruption and ultimate devastation are problems that brought major business firms to the region. They have with them aids to the disease of the continent. All these aids are for long term that can sustain each Africans for years. These aids are businesses and investments.

Major areas where Africa grew are areas that businesses invested in. Improvements took place in water supply, telecommunication, agriculture, tourism, infrastructure, etc.. Who would resist the chance to ponder more on the business, and at the same time, perform a charity and give help to the people who needs it?

The coming of companies created jobs for Africans. An African news said that since Africa’s economic growth, the percentage of Africans living with just $1 a day was lessened by more than 10 percent. This would be a perfect reason to continue flourishing the continent’s relationship with developed countries.

On health sectors, African can now drink clean water because of development on water supply. Companies from Asia and America are trying to improve life in Africa by putting more focus on clean water, good food, medicine and clothing.

Corruption was also decreased with companies deciding to hand out all the aids straight to the people instead of giving the to the leaders. People aren’t slaves anymore, instead, they were given jobs wherein they will earn enough to support their family.

Africa has now taken few steps away from poverty. If more and more countries won’t be blinded by what comes out of the news, then maybe, the region would prosper more. The continent has an enormous number of virgin and untapped resources. Opportunities are found anywhere you look at. The firs phase of this achievement happened because of connection between nations and people. Africa is now involved in global economy, they are not isolated anymore. It is indeed true that you can only find light in the “darker” side of your world.

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