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Defying the Stereotype in African Business with More Trade than Aid

If you think investing in Africa is a loosing-battle, think again. If you still think Africa is always fashioning worlds of nothingness, then you’re poorly wrong now. Present Africa is now an image of positive energies and possibilities. Out of adversity, opportunities arose and opened up more possible business growth among Africans and foreign investors. According to IMF’s Regional Economic Outlook Survey released in 2007, the Black Continent is experiencing a period of sustained growth, the best one in their history. This paints a picture of good political and economical trend, which unfolds a “new Africa” right before our eyes.

Before, aid is the heart of African survival, but now, it is trade. More business firms are entering the region to bring trade and fulfill the needs of people on slum areas. Sub-Saharan Africa is now a business destination for many countries, on top of them are superpowers like U.S. and China.

Africa’s greatest challenge is adversity, which they use to see as inextricable. But they found opportunities from it. They’ve got solution to the continent’s condition, created business opportunities and not too long, made their name shine in the global economy. Entrepreneurs invested on water, electricity, infrastructure and communication. This didn’t just improve life in the continent, it also created jobs. For every potential business, a lot of lives are changed. Investments done by investors in the country are also helpful aids, come in disguise.

Transformation of the corrupt government to a more responsible one is another key for Africa’s success. Before, the government’s officials are promoting poverty to gain more aids from other countries, but stupidly unluckily, it all goes to the pockets of those officials. That instead of countries’ survival, poor people just become more down-and-out. But now, the power is now on the entrepreneurs. Aids are handed out in the form of trade for different reasons. First, people are assured that what they really deserve will come to them, by working for it legally. Second, Africans are prevented from becoming very much dependent on charities. Instead, they are given chances to stand on their own without any discrimination to barricade their dream. They have the freedom to work and earn for themselves.

Africa is also on a rigorous campaign to stop every civil and tribal wars residing on different parts of the continent. They produce more job opportunities, with the help of entrepreneurs, to deplete conflicts. The deadly HIV AIDS is also given focus, conducting more demonstrations and lectures to Africans about safe sex and the danger of it when performed irresponsibly.

All that the Black Continent needs is to see the world believing in them. Africa’s future is now more clearer since the start of their economic growth. Their transformation made an impact worldwide, especially in business and investment. Their potential is great. Investment and business opportunities are overflowing in Africa, grabbing them would be favorable to both business and Africans.

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